We’re a team of highly focused data analytics people with backgrounds in business consulting and technology. Fascinated with the current pace of technological improvements we like to engage with business teams to work on concrete cases. We love exploring how new data analytics techniques and technology can be applied to improve business outcome.


Our values are more than just a poster on our office wall. They define the way we work, we hire, our relations with customers and colleagues.

  • Judgement – The ability to make the right decisions in times of ambiguity.

  • Innovation – The ability to re-conceptualize issues so we  continuously improve the way we work in every aspect.

  • Communication -The ability to listen well and be open regarding projects and teams.

  • Passion – A strong shared interest in data, technology and practical added value.

  • Curiosity – The intrinsic drive to understand business, technology and the market around us.

  • Honesty – The courage to be open, direct and introspective in a team context.

Tropos was founded in 2016 by Joris Van den Borre after career of a decade in technology- and business consulting, ranging from SME over “big four” to “global brand”.

The mission is threefold:

  • To improve business outcome using differentiating data analytics.
  • To provide challenging opportunities to a team of passionate people.
  • … and to be part of todays amazing evolutions in technology.

Also, to have fun along the way!

We are a location-independent consulting company with a global mindset. Our offices are based in Antwerp, Belgium. We work for companies all over the globe.

Every project has a primary point of contact who will be on every one of your calls and will do the majority of the work on your project. Behind the scenes, we’ll be pulling in the expertise necessary to deliver all of your work, whether that’s top-tier data engineering or data science talent.


It makes sense to start a boutique data consulting agency in these days. After a career of a decade in business- and technology consulting, we noticed the tech landscape shifting. We wanted to react faster to changing trends and opportunities thus decided to launch the Tropos.io brand.

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