Address the capability gaps in modern data analytics teams

  • Talent is scarce and hard to keep

    Building a modern analytics organization uses brand new tools, technologies, and processes, and there just aren’t enough people who have experience in this environment.

  • Best practices change continuously

    The practice of analytics is evolving rapidly. It’s hard for practitioners to put their heads down and solve problems while also staying up-to-date on industry changes that could 10x their outcomes.

  • No one knows everything

    You need people thinking about data engineering, business intelligence, data science, and data strategy. You need people looking into technology, understanding business and keeping up with fundamental research. Individuals who tick all four boxes are hard to find and keep.

Leverage a proven process to realize incremental improvement

Empathize &  define

Clearly define the business opportunities in the data analytics track. Understand the business dynamics, stakeholders and calendars.


Clearly define the business opportunities in the data analytics track.

  • Understand the business dynamics.
  • Understand the technology roadmap.

Prototype & Improve

Build the shortlisted data product as a prototype or “Minimum Viable Product”.

Deploy in a live scenario, capture feedback and improve.

Using tools & tactics of the world's most succesful tech startups

Grow-as-you-go, business led projects

We believe in incremental growth for all projects we do. As such, we detect challenges early and help our customers on their learning curve. To manage uncertainty, we have developed a framework based on design thinking and lean startup.

  • Start from real, tangible business value.
  • Ideate and asses possible solutions.
  • Define and develop the “Minimum Viable Data Product
  • Launch fast and improve gradually

Rapid Experimentation

Doing analytics successfully means continuously improving on new insights and trends. We are passionately following up on evolutions globally.

  • We spend material investments internally in R&D for new technologies
  • Our background is diverse and 100% focused on analytics. Experience spans from big data to business intelligence, and from business planning tools to deep learning.
  • Our focus on Cloud allows us to re-use blueprints and best practices for  governance and productivity.

Invest in talent

Data analytics has become a team sports, and new challenges need fresh, unbiased minds. We fully invest in teamplay:

  • We hire mainly complementary msc. level STEM profiles
  • Coworkers join a external professional skills coaching program, focused on soft- and tech skills

Pragmatic and hands-on attitude

Deliver proof of value for data analytics fast by leveraging modern age research, technology and methodologies.

  • Business value comes first
  • Technology is an enabler. Cloud-first, buy-before-build works great.

Hands-on, end-to-end professional services for modern data analytics

Strategy & Consulting

We help in the people, process and technology angle of big data and machine learning projects. We help navigate the vendor landscape and the end-to-end data analytics vision.


Data Engineering

We build scaleable data infrastructure  for large and real-time datasets. We work on data storage, data pipelines, cloud data warehouses and API’s.


Machine Learning

We help research, define, design, develop and support end-to-end, production-ready machine learning  pipelines with measurable business impact.


Data visualization

Convey complex insights in a simple and efficient way using bespoke, interactive visualizations or reports.


Cloud & Open-Source? Yes please!

As a team, it is part of our mission to follow-up on the recently possible, in technology and research. Professionaly, we maintain a vendor-neutral stance. Thus, we can help you navigate the vendor- and project landscape from a strategic point of view. 

Nonetheless, we do embrace the open-source innovation model and its fast time-to-market for new ideas. It helps our customers to test new ideas and assumptions fast without material upfront investments.

We’re avid cloud proponents because it allows us to focus on our core task, improving business outcome. We’ve adapted to devops methods to deliver reproduceable results with minimal overhead.

We’re well experienced working with Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.

Sector focus? No thanks!

We believe in cross-fertilization between industries and departments. Nonetheless, we enjoyed working for these market segments in the past.


  • Consumer Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics
  • Government
  • Travel


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Procurement

Leverage a succesful workflow

Why work with us?

  • Msc. level economists and engineers
  • Experienced working for leadership
  • Professional skills development program
  • Enterprise, public and SME experience
  • Leading consultancy alumni