In part 2/3 on Snowflake for BigQuery users, we consider data sharing and multi-cloud capabilities

Snowflake for BigQuery users - Part 2

In part 1/3 on Snowflake for BigQuery users, we consider compute, data storage and data loading/unloading

Snowflake for BigQuery users  – part 1

To become more data-driven, any organisation would have to design an operating model between self-servicing business analysts and data engineers. Here's our model that's proven to work.

Our Model To Empower More Business Users

Snowflake cost optimization demystified! A quick and easy method to gain more value out of every Snowflake dollar spent.

Snowflake Cost Optimization: Rightsizing Your Warehouses

Your on-prem data warehouse is underperforming, and you're considering a move to public cloud? Start with our series of migration guides.

Reclaim control now through an Oracle to Snowflake migration

Advances in data technology redefine team roles. It is time for experts to take back control of their data analytics, here's the why and how.

Build better dashboards faster and at scale

Guest blogger Wouter shares his first experience using the Looker & Snowflake combo as a data analyst.

A test drive of the Looker Dashboarding Platform

Automated deployment is a key element in a cloud strategy. But did you treat your database models as infrastructure yet?

Deploy your Snowflake infrastructure using Permifrost

AWS recognizes us as an expert at using cloud-native components to run data analytics.

Joining the Amazon Quicksight Service Delivery Program

We built a data model to process large sets of data using SQL and the Snowflake service; and put its performance to a test. In just a few hours.

We analyzed 2 Billion Taxi Rides In Snowflake in just a few hours

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