Business Analytics Insight 2016 Handouts

Handouts for our session at Business Analytics Insight 2016 in Diegem and Utrecht.

Looking back on 2016, we took the stage twice at the  Business Analytics Insight conference. This professional event is organised both here in Belgium as well as in the Netherlands. It is held twice a year and attracts 100-150 professionals in business analytics leadership roles.

Hadoop in the Cloud

In the first session, we focused on Hadoop in the cloud. This is a great angle to introduce the idea of cloud to an on-premise audience. Thus, We took a typical end-to-end analytics use case and discussed how Amazon Web Services would dramatically speed up project delivery whilst reducing risk.

[slideshare id=80334423&doc=ba4all-hadoopinthecloud-jorisvandenborre-171001141722]


Then, we found another opportunity to collaborate in the second half of 2016. An obvious next step would be to access higher-level intelligence and services readily available in the cloud. So we decided to label the session data-as-a-service. Some of the topics covered include novelty options to store, process and analyse (big) data into actionable insights. Cloud dramatically reduces overhead in about every step of the lifecycle for those who are open to managed services and open-source technology.

[slideshare id=80334534&doc=businessanalyticsinsight2016utrecht-dataasaservicev03-171001142341]

Joris Van den Borre

Joris Van den Borre

Founder, CEO and solutions architect

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