Managing Analytics on Sensitive Datasets


Consolidate statistical & operational use cases

Design one platform to enable all analytics use cases without governing copies of sensitive datasets.

Organize data access via policies

Grant access to anonymized, pseudonymised or identified data representations based on access policies.

How to implement this in the cloud

We use Snowflake as a data platform to process all access to data. A quick demo shows how to use dynamic data masking to achieve results efficiently.

About the speaker

Joris Van den Borre

Joris Van den Borre

Joris is the founder of He got in touch with cloud technologies way back when on-prem was still thriving. After a few years working internationally in data analytics, he came back to Belgium to start a consultancy.

Today, he designs data analytics platforms and solutions in both public and private space, in Belgium and abroad.

He likes single origin coffee, traveling to Asia (ask him about Bali!) and the occasional roadtrip.

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