Our partnership with Amazon Web Services

As an Amazon Web Services partner, we are fully focused on designing, building and running data analytics workloads.

Design, build and run cloud-native data analytics solutions.

Digitalization enables companies to benefit from data in ways that were not possible before. By utilizing data, you can create new value for your customers and your business. Amazon Web Services provides many different services from data warehouses to analytics and applications, enabling scalable, cost-effective, and modern services and new digital business.

Tropos.io and AWS have long collaboration and we help you with all AWS services as well as in data management, analytics, and cloud services.

We are fully focused on cloud-first data analytics workloads.

As an Amazon Web Services partner, we focus on professional services for data analytics, big data, and machine learning. Within this focus, we help our clients to use AWS to the best of its possibilities thanks to the Well Architectured Framework.


Improve time-to-market for your data products by shifting to a cloud-first strategy. We help you navigate the vendor landscape, help you design an data architecture that works for you, and help you adjust processes to a cloud-centric world.


Leverage our project experience to jumpstart our project. Hire our team to outsource entire analytics projects or a staff member for temporary staff augmentation.

How we help.

We offer hands-off, end-to-end services within our partnership. Here are a few examples of recurring work we do.

AWS Quicksight service delivery program member


Featured case studies

Cloud-first airport data platform

An international airport becomes more data-driven by upgrading their data analytics backend to state-of-the-art cloud.


Improving application reliability while decreasing license spend.

A key public services organisation was able to reduce database license spend by migrating workloads to a managed open-source alternative.


In-app data analytics capabilities

An app builder wants to extend their existing application with powerful data analytics capabilities.


Why work with an implementation partner?

The truth is that many cloud projects are cumbersome and complex. It takes quite some experience to avoid the common pitfalls. On top of that, for many organizations, it’s their first go at deploying new organization structures, processes and supporting technology. 

That’s why partnering up with a specialized data company that knows the ins and outs of the cloud won’t only save you a lot of money, it can mean the difference between a successful project and one that fails.

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