Our partnership with dbt Labs

Database Build Tool (dbt) is the leading open-source framework for analytics engineering.

dbt allows us to focus on delivering business value using tightly integrated quality control processes

dbt helps data teams work like software engineers—to ship trusted data, faster.

Tropos is one of the earliest adopters of dbt in the region. With multiple successful project deliveries and well-tuned operational processes, dbt is a staple in our dataOps toolkit.


Using dbt, you'll be able to fully leverage the processing power of your cloud data platform.

Analysts with focused knowledge of data platforms are able to define, document and execute large scale transformations.

How we help.

We offer hands-off, end-to-end services within our partnership. Here are a few examples of recurring work we do.

Analytics Engineering Kickstarter

Our hands-on training for aspiring analytics engineering teams de-risks your first projects in no time.


Analytics engineering projects using Snowflake

Highly qualified engineering using a Snowflake-based modern analytics stack.


Featured case studies

Cloud-first airport data platform

An international airport becomes more data-driven by upgrading their data analytics backend to state-of-the-art cloud.


Why work with an implementation partner?

The truth is that many cloud projects are cumbersome and complex. It takes quite some experience to avoid the common pitfalls. On top of that, for many organizations, it’s their first go at deploying new organization structures, processes and supporting technology. 

That’s why partnering up with a specialized data company that knows the ins and outs of the cloud won’t only save you a lot of money, it can mean the difference between a successful project and one that fails.

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