Our partnership with Matillion

Matillion are the creators of the world’s fasted low-code data transformation development tool.

So fast that everyone wants it!

According to AWS CTO Werner Vogels.

Matillion Bronze Partner

As a Matillion Bronze partner, Tropos is experienced in deploying, running, maintaining and training for Matillion.

How we help.

We offer hands-off, end-to-end services within our partnership. Here are a few examples of recurring work we do.

Featured case studies

Why work with an implementation partner?

The truth is that many cloud projects are cumbersome and complex. It takes quite some experience to avoid the common pitfalls. On top of that, for many organizations, it’s their first go at deploying new organization structures, processes and supporting technology. 

That’s why partnering up with a specialized data company that knows the ins and outs of the cloud won’t only save you a lot of money, it can mean the difference between a successful project and one that fails.

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