Resident Engineer


Sometimes speed is more important than coaching internal employees. We get it. There are always tradeoffs when building new data products, and you probably want to land your projects right the first time. You might have tried working with internal engineers, but they didn’t get the new technologies that emerged, or you might have hired freelancers but couldn’t find one who could work outside a narrow area of expertise.

What you need is someone who knows a fair deal about data engineering, cloud engineering, solution design and end-user interaction. Someone who spots opportunities in working with data and comes up with non-obvious solutions. Someone who can translate solutions into testable assumptions.

We know it’s not easy to find someone who can not only give a presentation about all of the above, but also execute it while leading the team. We’ve been hiring people who fit that profile for years, and have build up a network of local and remote professionals who can help you out at delivering results .

With our “resident engineer” program we can provide an analytics professional who joins your team 1-4 days per week to keep everyone focused.

Most of the time, this person will steer the validation of design ideas in the first months of your go-live.


Hire one of our engineers on a short-term basis to join your core data analytics team to coach you through your project. Our clients usually hire us for a variable period between 1 and 4 days per week.

Our engineers have close ties with data analytics ecosystems locally and abroad. In order to blend in and find partners, suppliers and other resources to help you out, we will use our extensive network to find a solution.

Our engineers are not standard consultants, but talented people who like to get their hands dirty. They will inject a new way of thinking to your data analytics practice.

Data Engineering

Our data engineers are technology experts who thrive in complex data ecosystems. We work with new and proven technologies and share proven practices within the team.

Machine Learning Engineering

Work with our Machine learning engineers to operationalize machine learning models, build new AI models and communicate insights throughout your organisation.

Cloud Engineering

Work with our cloud engineers who focus on developing and maintaining cloud data platforms. We are breathe devops culture and are certified AWS engineers.

Planning & Design

Our data platform architects inject proven practice and industry knowledge in your teams. We offer a soundboard for cloud-, business and solutions architecture.

Snowflake Data Platform Engineering

Our snowflake engineers are experienced in solving business challenges using the Snowflake elastic data platform.

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