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Managed Data Pipelines

Higher accuracy at a lower cost. Running analytics on traditional platforms and data warehouses is computationally taxing and costly, especially at scale. As your underlying data sources evolve, pipelines require careful monitoring — even when designed to account for shifting


Snowflake Developer

BUILD & RUN CLOUD-FIRST DATA WAREHOUSES Snowflake is the definate cloud-first data warehouse.  In this Snowflake developer training, the Tropos team will teach participants how to use, develop and monitor data warehouses in Snowflake. The only technical prerequisite is a

Analytics Engineering Kickstarter

DESIGN, BUILD AND DEPLOY DATA PIPELINES FOR THE CLOUD Analytics engineering is the data transformation work that happens between loading data into your warehouse and analyzing it. In this training, the Tropos team will teach analysts how to use DBT

AWS for Analytics Leaders

THE EXECUTIVE BRIEFING ON CLOUD-FIRST DATA ANALYTICS Public cloud is emerging at rapid pace. It offers tremendous value opportunities for data analytics. However, it might sound overwhelming at first and diving in heads-first may seem challenging. During this course, experienced

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