Data strategy & architecture

Accelerate your data journey confidently with an airtight data strategy

What is Data strategy & architecture ?

As you’re building your data platform, you’ll be faced with many decisions. Answering these questions in a vacuum or without seeing firsthand how leading companies do it is tricky. The specific decision points are deep and can include:

Meanwhile, many data strategy engagements are theoretical and don’t translate to action or impact. Far too often, these engagements end up in comparing the latest technology hype while overlooking the human, strategic and financial impact.

Effective data strategies are opinionated and actionable. They are results-oriented and based on the real-life experiences of data practitioners.

With an actionable data strategy, you’ll be ready to build an operational data platform and data pipelines.

What can you achieve with our help?

Tropos helped private and public sector clients modernize their data analytics practices through advisory tracks. We take a vendor-agnostic approach as we focus on business outcomes and fundamental drivers first.

Read some of our case studies related to Data strategy & architecture

Cloud-first airport data platform

An international airport becomes more data-driven by upgrading their data analytics backend to state-of-the-art cloud.


Improving application reliability while decreasing license spend.

A key public services organisation was able to reduce database license spend by migrating workloads to a managed open-source alternative.


Data observability in crisis management

The project is one of the most widely discussed news items of 2021. The project cut down on-call services by 100% and turned a reactive quality process into a proactive one.


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