How would you innovate your data analytics practice?

Data analytics is being reshaped at high pace. Cloud has enabled faster time-to-market and a broader range of opportunities. Traditional technology-based data consulting is playing catch-up. In this scenario, we are helping large organizations think ahead. supports many leading organizations as they shape and execute their cloud-based data platform strategies. Based on our extensive experience we have developed a data platform blueprint approach based on AWS, to help you take the next leap.

We look for impact. By delivering a tangible go-to-market approach we can help you translate your digital strategy into action.


We assist Data Analytics leaders in articulating their vision from either a departemental or project point of view.


As the data analytics landscape has vastly expanded over the past decade, solutions are highly tailored and modular. Project success is defined beyond mere technology acceptance. To help our customers maximally absorb learnings regarding cloud technology , we assist at delivering proof-of-concepts. During the process, we aim to prove the results of a solution or process in an agreed upon quality.

We are highly involved in the international data analytics community, and demonstrate material investments in R&D regarding new data analytics technologies for Amazon Web Services. This experience allows us to maintain an objective point-of-view.


We firmly believe in a human-centered approach to data analytics. Business value and people buy-in lead, technology follows. To do so, we have adopted techniques coming from product- and innovation management in our daily practice to steadily progress towards result.

Design thinking helps you to reduce risk associated with possibly new ideas, such as cloud. It helps your organisation to adopt faster to new opportunities and ways of working. When done right, it captures the mindset of the team we’re building value for and anchors a new framework.

Agile delivery helps you to reduce risk associated with “big unknowns” during delivery. By frequently aligning delivery with expectation, you’ll detect deviations early during projects and mitigate risks accordingly.

LET’S TALK ABOUT SOLUTIONS THAT FIT YOUR CHALLENGE has a proven track record ranging from designing data driven applications to data-as-a-service platforms. We’d love to discuss your case. Please leave your details below and we’ll get in touch soon.