Hands-on workshop predictive analytics

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We’re happy to share that we’ll be hosting a hands-on workshop predictive analytics at the BA2017 hands-on conference in Zaventem on November 16,2017. We’ll take the stage together with our good friends from Textgain. Topics will range from neural classifiers to novelty NLP research put in practice.

Do mark the date and if you’re an end-user,  reach out for free tickets to the event.


The slides for the Tropos part of this session are available. Thanks for the overwhelming response to our session, the audience review was pretty awesome!

Joris Van den Borre

Joris Van den Borre

Joris is the founder of Tropos.io. He got in touch with cloud technologies way back when on-prem was still thriving. After a few years working internationally in data analytics, he came back to Belgium to start a consultancy. He likes single origin coffee, traveling to Asia (ask him about Bali!) and the occasional roadtrip.
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