Cloud-first data analytics


The typical use cases for cloud-first analytics

Learn how to validate if your use case is good candidate to deploy in the public cloud, and what it would mean to the team.

How to build a sourcing strategy

Data platforms are built out of separately sourced components. Learn how you source and integrate these for the benefit of your use cases

Common platform architectures

What actually are data lakes and what are my options in a greenfield project? Learn the vast differences between the 2 common approaches.

About the speaker

Joris Van den Borre

Joris Van den Borre

Joris is the founder of He got in touch with cloud technologies way back when on-prem was still thriving. After a few years working internationally in data analytics, he came back to Belgium to start a consultancy.

Today, he designs data analytics platforms and solutions in both public and private space, in Belgium and abroad.

He likes single origin coffee, traveling to Asia (ask him about Bali!) and the occasional roadtrip.

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