If you knew a way to build and scale modern data projects faster..

Would you adopt it?

Tropos gives you access to advisory and delivery services
to make a business impact through the modern data stack.

A boutique agency with focus on expertise

To fully capitalize on the business advantages of a cloud transition, organizations systematically evolve their governance and delivery processes, organizational structure, and technology infrastructure.

Tropos boasts a proven track record in assisting business and data leaders. We specialize in aligning their strategic agendas with technology delivery that transcends traditional boundaries. 

To achieve these goals, we prefer working with a well aligned ecosystem of technology partners with whom we collaborate since 2017.

Why do clients contact us

Data analytics leaders typically call us when they face strategic, operational or quality challenges related to projects involving our partner technologies. 

Enterprise clients typically engage us to...

Midmarket clients typically engage us to...

Clients reaching out typically seek help in these domains

You want to modernize legacy data technology when


You need to build new  data products when

You need to improve on data governance when

Blueprints, kickstarters and Frameworks

We substantially invest in internal research & development related to good practice and automation. 

Therefore, clients working with us initially typically either deploy our blueprints to kickstart their journey, or take it as a baseline to ramp up internal knowledge building.

What clients typically achieve when working with us

Sustainable solutions with business impact

They build cost-efficient data products by tapping into our R&D and technology partner relationships.

Predictable daily operations

They benefit from software engineering practices to make their business analytics more reliable.

Upskilling their internal team

By collaborating during the delivery phase, core platform and data engineering teams get familiar with relevant proven practices.

Case studies

A luxury car manufacturer optimizes their inventory planning processes by localizing global aftermarket data

Better spare parts management through contextual data

A telco realized material cost reductions by migrating legacy Datastage ETL workloads to Snowflake and dbt

Datastage and Oracle Exadata migration to Snowflake and dbt

Belgium's major home care provider is now able to offer a better work/life balance through optimized work planning.

Optimize operational planning in home care.

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