Tropos designs, builds, and runs tailored data products
to complement organizational transformations.

We work through incremental improvement of organizational outcomes through experimentation & automation.

We aim at enabling organizations to achieve better results. As such, we focus on incremental business improvement by experimenting and automating.

We co-create to deliver end-to-end data-driven solutions using modern techniques & technology.

We help enterprises to create their own path to digital fluency by building capabilities required for a smarter digital evolution. We tailor solutions to fit your business needs by blending our engineering, analytics and strategical expertise.

Data Platform Strategy

Modernize your data architecture with best-in-class solutions & data platforms

Data Product Engineering

Leverage our cloud first modern data engineering strategy, approach and innovations

Organisational enablement

Train, coach and co-develop with in-house talent to maximize adoption of newly created data products.

Data Platform Foundations & Governance

The data analytics landscape is evolving fast. Our Tropos Lab continuously monitors the market and researches emerging technologies.  We share our experiences in a quarterly publication.

We stand for an opinionated, vendor-agnostic approach.

We work with a pragmatic, best-of-breed technology portfolio. Our approach includes both open-source as well as commercial SAAS technology. 

We are 100% cloud focused; as we believe that cloud makes a material difference for data analytics teams.

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Our mission is to promote and deliver data-driven transformations using contemporary methods. We invest material R&D efforts in monitoring the market. We open-source our insights, opinions, and beliefs on our blog.

Read our recent case studies in partnership with brands worldwide.

We strongly believe that the modern data stack, combined with the right kind of change management, can have a structural impact on how organisations perform. 

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