About us

We are a hands-on advisory agency for modern data analytics.

Tropos was founded by data analytics professionals, from an understanding that much time in typical projects was spent on activities that don’t add direct value to businesses.  A born-in-the-cloud data analytics agency, we don’t compromise on technology to deliver our work.

Sticking to these principles, we are focus on improving quality, reliability and time-to-market for data products and data platforms we are commissioned for.

Project & product delivery based on R&D and expertise.

The data analytics landscape evolves fast. As an innovative player, we advise on team setup, delivery process, and technology based on internal research and international cooperation between like-minded analytics leaders.

Knowledge buildup is essential to quality delivery. Therefore, our consultants are permanently updated on industry trends and formally trained on the frameworks we apply on the job.

Our internal research lab monitors the market, published the modern data platform radar and governs at the strategic level.

Our take on modern data analytics for the enterprise

People before technology.

Our primary goal is to improve data literacy in the organizations that partner with us. 

We consider ourselves a T-shaped knowledge center.

Processes & technology are integrated

Team working goes hand-in-hand with technology adoption. Have your methodologies aligned.
Learn from DevOps to design lean delivery methods.

Enable data teams to work independently

Teams will work and grow at their own pace. Their responsibilities will be end-to-end though, so we make sure cross-team agreements are in place.

Enable, don't overtake transformation projects.

Expect from a partner to enable and elevate your team members with deep business knowledge. Meet their current skill level with the right technology.

Modern data analytics is an end-to-end affair.

We consider tools as the means to achieve goals. We start from a strategic overview on broad IT, way beyond data analytics, to design, deliver and maintain data products that evolve alongside business insights.

Don't compromise governance.

Design for cloud to reap the value of cloud. Data analytics on cloud is a different mindset than traditional BI. Don't mix up traditions.

Evolve, based on insights.

Ensure all decisions and deliverables are modular, so that projects can survive their economic lifespan without impairing others.

Choose Open-Source & SAAS wisely.

We're not betting on promises and roadmaps any longer. Build and evolve a futureproof ecosystem of compoents. But don't jump the hype trains.

Business outcome before industry buzzword.

Data science? Event-driven, streaming analytics? Rather than jumping the hypetrain, we put the business value first. Together with the functional product owners, we design the optimal solutions architecture based on the problem at hand, enterprise strategy and end-user team. 

Regardless of the solutions technique. We’re able to deliver as we focus on using cloud only.

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