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As we complete our assignments – together with our clients, partners and ventures – we always learn and grow. We are both grateful and proud to share some of our most formative and impactful cases.

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Optimize operational planning in home care.

Belgium's major home care provider is now able to offer a better work/life balance through optimized work planning.

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Deliver more reliable cars to buyers.

A global car manufacturer is now able to find root causes for car defects faster through globally integrated analytics.

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Organize adult education based on local demand.

Adult students now travel less to the government-organized training they take thanks to geographical analysis.

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Help parents get scholarships faster.

Parents now receive scholarships for eligible children in weeks rather than months, thanks to a highly integrated analytics process.

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Continuously improve an app through user analytics.

An app builder is now able to understand their users thanks to embedded data analytics.

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Understand and plan data platform spend better.

Our client reduced their Month-over-Month Snowflake spend by 25%.

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Help our government act right during Covid 19 through trusted data

Virologists, government and law enforcement coordinate the Covid-19 crisis based on trusted data.

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Build a data platform to integrate business intelligence and AI.

An international airport becomes more data-driven by upgrading their data analytics backend to state-of-the-art cloud.

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