Case studies

Our latest and most impactful WORK

As we complete our assignments – together with our clients, partners and ventures – we always learn and grow. We are both grateful and proud to share some of our most formative and impactful cases!

Optimized event planning based on attendees’ residence

A client wants to allocate their budgets better by providing services in the close proximity of their consumers

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Scholarship process time reduction.

A public sector body wants to improve its service to citizens by reducing the time between application and payout for scholarships.

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In-app data analytics capabilities

An app builder wants to extend their existing application with powerful data analytics capabilities.

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Snowflake Spend Optimization

Our client reduced their Month-over-Month Snowflake spend by 25%.

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Data observability in crisis management

The project is one of the most widely discussed news items of 2021. The project cut down on-call services by 100% and turned a reactive quality process into a proactive one.

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Cloud-first airport data platform

An international airport becomes more data-driven by upgrading their data analytics backend to state-of-the-art cloud.

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Improving application reliability while decreasing license spend

A key public services organisation was able to reduce database license spend by migrating workloads to a managed open-source alternative.

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