Our mission is
to simplify the complexity
of creating value from data.

Who we are

We are architects, engineers, and technologists who believe strongly in quick, high-value wins, keeping it simple, sustainable solutions, and working collaboratively with our clients. 

We are equally comfortable presenting to senior leadership in a global enterprise or chatting about a technical approach on a shared Slack channel with a startup.

In either case, we are focused on delivering world-class solutions and services.

Our story

Tropos was founded in 2017 out of an understanding that data analytics would change forever thanks to cloud computing. As a group of former Big Four consultants, we understood that teams, technology and governance  would be organized differently so that traditionally more complex projects could be done more efficiently than ever.

Out of a deep interest in solving organizational challenges through technology, we have built a stack of technologies, practices and relationships that have formed the DNA of Tropos as we know it today. 

Today, we strongly focus on working with customers who want to benefit from what we’ve learned over the past years. We either join , train and coach, or become, their analytics team.

Our values


We have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for Data, Cloud, AI/ML solutions and technology.


We hold ourselves and our team members accountable. In a good way.


What works for one team, might not for another. We adapt.


We always seek to innovate with a business outcome focus.

We are a diverse and inclusive organization.

We value and respect the different backgrounds, experiences, personalities, talents and limitations that everybody brings to the table.
We believe it makes our table richer and more creative.

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