Our mission is to simplify the complexity of creating value from data.

Hands-on advisory for data leaders

We are a collective of engineers, analysts and strategists, joining forces with the world’s most ambitious businesses.

Together, we design, build and scale innovations that impact how organizations work, through data.

Innovative yet hands-on

Cutting through the noise and bringing new perspectives. Backing up big ideas with deep research. Transforming opportunities into prototypes. Leading with empathy and delivering on impact.

Focus and DNA

Out of a deep interest in solving organizational challenges through technology, we have built a stack of technologies, practices and relationships that have formed the DNA of Tropos as we know it today. 

Today, we strongly focus on working with customers who want to benefit from what we’ve learned over the past years.

Our Core values


No buzzwords, no hype cycles. Instead, plain and transparant communication and tangible results.


We have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for Data, Cloud, AI/ML solutions and technology.


We're constantly driven to innovate, with a keen focus on achieving positive business outcomes.


We hold ourselves and our team members accountable. In a good way.

We are a diverse and inclusive organization.

We value and respect the different backgrounds, experiences, personalities, talents and limitations that everybody brings to the table.
We believe it makes our table richer and more creative.

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