Industry focus

Public Sector

Data-driven impact for public sector

Tropos helps public sector clients achieve their goals on multiple domains

The Challenges

Tropos has been working with the public sector on cloud migrations projects sinds 2018. We have been working with European authorities in various domains to tackle challenges related to:

Procurement, we have negotiated compliant contracts to deliver cloud services 

Compliance, we have developed engineering practices and code of conduct to match and exceed the requirements of regulations such as GDPR and NIS;

Change management, we understand the complexity and dynamics of a typical public sector ecosystem and have been able to successfully navigate them on regional level as well as inter-policy level. 

Vendor complexity,  we understand the variety in IT systems and lifecycles, and have a proven track record in  integrating heterogenous systems into a cloud platform from scratch.

Key Practice Focus

Data platform modernization

Optimize public budget spend and allow more participants to collaborate on highly segmented insights. We offer end-to-end services for cloud migration and re-platforming for business intelligence and data science use cases.

Enablement and Coaching

Ensure process specialists and analysts maximize ROI on the data platforms.


We have the procurement framework in place to deliver SAAS services and professional services to public bodies;.

Case Studies

How The Flemish Government Now Organizes Adult Education Based On Geographical insights.

Adult students now travel less to the government-organized training they take thanks to geographical analysis.

Help parents get scholarships faster.

Parents now receive scholarships for eligible children in weeks rather than months, thanks to a highly integrated analytics process.

Help our government act right during Covid 19 through trusted data

Virologists, government and law enforcement coordinate the Covid-19 crisis based on trusted data.

Offer highlights

Snowflake Accellerators

We pre-package proven practices in a starters kit to help new and growing teams govern platforms without the learning curve.

Training & coaching

Scale your team and prepare for upcoming change by tapping into our training program.
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