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dbt helps data teams work like software engineers—to ship trusted data, faster.

It is an enterprise-ready, open-source transformation tool that aims to simplify the work of the analytics engineer in the data pipeline workflow.

As a dbt Premier Partner, w use dbt to define data models and data transformations, build data tests, and go-to-market faster with data products.

Data Platform Automation
for Enterprise Teams

Tropos is one of the earliest adopters of dbt in the region. With multiple successful project deliveries and well-tuned operational processes, dbt is a staple in our dataOps toolkit.
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De-Risk and Accelerate your journey with us


Design and implement proven DataOps practices to maintain healthy projects in your team, region and enterprise.


Deploy or extend the analytics engineering in your data team with our trained & certified staff members.

Training & Coaching

Build and scale your analytics engineering knowledge and know-how using the field experience from our engineers.


De-risk your data platform using our prepackaged best practices for key steps in your data workflow.

Featured Case Studies

Belgium's major home care provider is now able to offer a better work/life balance through optimized work planning.

Optimize operational planning in home care.

A global car manufacturer is now able to find root causes for car defects faster through globally integrated analytics.

Reduce Manufacturing Defects in Newly Bought Cars.

Parents now receive scholarships for eligible children in weeks rather than months, thanks to a highly integrated analytics process.

Help parents get scholarships faster.


Job automation is key to efficient data engineering. Here are a few tips to use Snowflake features to built user acceptance test environments.

DataOps basics for Snowflake — part 1

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