Adopt the modern data stack

Data platform Governance

Build and scale your data infrastructure with confidence and control.

High-level approach

Our Governance Process

Work on 3 angles to ensure safe and predictable platform operations

Platform Setup & Evolution​

Use our blueprint architectures & accelerators to start your platform journey and organize change management.

Information Access Control​

Ensure auditable access to sensitive data through standardized processes

Cost Control​

Control budgets and spend by building transparency in the usage of your data platform

AI-Aided Migration

Information Access Control


With our streamlined process, we enable you to implement robust data access controls and scaleable entitlement processes in Snowflake effortlessly. Through our standardized approach, your organization gains the ability to customize data access according to an individual’s role and the specific purpose of their data consultation.”

Case studies

A telco realized material cost reductions by migrating legacy Datastage ETL workloads to Snowflake and dbt.

A “big farma” enterprise structurally organized their migration to Snowflake by centrally designing capabilities

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