Adopt the modern data stack

Data product engineering

Migrate your legacy data infrastructure and pipelines to a future-proof platform

High-level approach

Our engineering Key angles

We adhere to a validated process to migrate legacy data projects to a Snowflake-centric platform.

Agile to cover business change

Adapt the pace of delivery to the pace of change.

Minimize talent lock-in

Approach data product engineering through a code-first approach

Design for scale

Good industry practices and internal R&D lead up to scaleable data platforms.

AI-Aided Migration

Snowflake migration kit

Our proprietary migration tool analyzes your current data pipelines at scale, and generates a Snowflake-ready dbt projects. 

Time saved on analysis
0 %
Time saved on conversion
0 %
Time saved on deployment
0 %

Case studies

A telco realized material cost reductions by migrating legacy Datastage ETL workloads to Snowflake and dbt.

A “big farma” enterprise structurally organized their migration to Snowflake by centrally designing capabilities

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