Industry focus


Data-driven impact for Manufacturing companies

Tropos helps tech companies achieve their goals on multiple domains

The challenges

We have been working with companies in the manufacturing industry since the mid 2010’s. Whilst designing, building and scaling data products for various departments in manufacturing companies, we’ve often faced challenges in domains such as

Scaleability. Fast growing tech companies need to prepare for overnight growth . 

Integration. Plants comprised of various technology generations face challenges in combining workflow data.

Key practice focus

Data Applications

Analyze large volumes of data through human or machine learning in a scaleable way.


Integrate and aggregate data from robots and conveyors. Build real-time statistics and shift dashboards, metrics and plans.

Data Marketplaces

Send and receive data between customers and partners across the supply chain.

Case Studies

Better spare parts management through contextual data

A luxury car manufacturer optimizes their inventory planning processes by localizing global aftermarket data

Reduce Manufacturing Defects in Newly Bought Cars.

A global car manufacturer is now able to find root causes for car defects faster through globally integrated analytics.

Offer highlights

Snowflake Accellerators

We pre-package proven practices in a starters kit to help new and growing teams govern platforms without the learning curve.

Training & coaching

Scale your team and prepare for upcoming change by tapping into our training program.
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