Snowflake playbook

An out-of-the-box accelerator to start Snowflake-based POC's, new deployments and data meshes in hours, not weeks.

Improve time-to-market and reduce risk

Starting a Snowflake project is about doing things right the first time. We packed over 5 years of Snowflake, AWS and Azure based solutions architecture into an accelerator

Our proven practice engine to kickstart your data cloud journey

A fully automated experience

Our playbook comes as a configurabe template packed with over 140 field-tested solutions to common pitfalls.

Focus on process and governance

Control sensitive parameters such as cost, privileged access to sensitive data through our off-the-shelf strategies.

Fully developed architecture

Our strategies are configurable, documented and configure Snowflake, AWS and Azure according to what projects need in the short, medium and long term.

The Snowflake playbook reduced our setup time to hours. When scaling out through a decentralized scenario, our platform owner kept control of platform spend and expansion, whilst teams in different phases on their growth curve worked independently.

How it works

Depending on the size of the deployment and organizational preferences, teams can get up and running with Snowflake in as little as a few hours.

1. Strategy alignment

Discuss and familiarize strategies on cloud integration, cost control, database setup, and more.

Our approach comes with process- and technology architecture documented upfront to speed up discussions.

2. Playbook execution

Our playbook executes the configured strategies to one or more Snowflake and infrastructure cloud accounts.

Your team starts loading data right away.

3. Continuous improvement

Deploy our off-the-shelf control strategy to propagate changes in your architecture through governed process.

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