In episode 4, Hope Watson (dbt Labs) and Joris Van den Borre ( discuss governing data transformations in a modular, cloud-first data platform.

S01E04 Governing Data Transformation in Snowflake (with dbt)

In Episode 3, Tony Kelly ( talks about data ingestion turning into a commodity, and thus reshaping the job of a data engineer for the better.

S01E03 Data ingestion in Snowflake (with Fivetran)

In episode 2, Bart Koek (Immuta) and Joris Van den Borre ( discuss processes, build-vs-buy, and the added value of using technology to overlay access control across different data platform technologies.

S01E02 Data Access Control on Snowflake (with Immuta)

In this episode, Roderick Brouwer ( explains how we can simplify threat alert collection and integration and eventually response, based on the Snowflake data cloud.

S01E01 Cybersecurity on Snowflake (with Hunters)

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