Case Study

Spend government budgets better by shifting databases to open-source

A key public services organisation was able to reduce database license spend by migrating workloads to a managed open-source alternative.


Improving application reliability by migrating an on-prem JAVA application to a managed open-source-first alternative

The client, a significant public sector agency, operates several Java-based applications backed by Oracle databases hosted in on-premises data centers. Because of evolving license context, the client wants to assess the feasibility of migrating their on-prem stack to a cloud-first architecture. 

The primary motivators for this project are:

  • Higher quality of services by improving uptime SLAs for the application;
  • Better scaling of the database backend;
  • Improved budget allocation by migrating their database to managed open-source technology


We designed a migrations roadmap and executed a pilot project.

The client was an existing relationship. We were engaged in building a roadmap and performing the pilot migration of one critical application. Core network connectivity was put in place in earlier projects. 

The core tasks at hand were: 

  • Find an alternative to the proprietary database;
  • Find an alternative to the managed virtual on-prem machine;
  • Perform a zero-downtime migration to the new platform;

For this use case, we’ve relied on native AWS components.

  • Using AWS RDS, we’ve been able to launch PostgreSQL as a managed service. The service offers a fully compatible alternative to the proprietary database technology.
  • Using AWS Fargate, we’ve been able to spin up containerized versions of the JAVA application with a higher; 
  • Using AWS DMS, we’ve been able to use a managed service that can transfer data in bulk and at insert-time;



The client was able to optimize license spending while increasing the reliability of their operational application.

After a short pilot period, the client could host the application in a reliable, monitored way on AWS. Taking down the initial setup results in material cost savings, whereas the application platforming leverages earlier investments in the AWS platform.

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