Case Study

Help parents get scholarships faster.

Parents now receive scholarships for eligible children in weeks rather than months, thanks to a highly integrated analytics process.


Scholarship process time reduction.

We partnered with the Flemish Government’s Department of Education to build end-to-end data analytics applications in the hybrid cloud.

The results? Student grants can be paid out over 80% faster thanks to faster data processing, enablement of tens of new data citizens, and the installment of new development standards.

One of the responsibilities of this body of governance is the assignment of student grants.

To improve the service to the public, the institution wants to increase the throughput speed of the request process. Hence, the governing team needs an automated solution to assign and report workload and process throughput metrics.


We built a solution based on a cloud data warehouse aimed at a fast time-to-value. One of the significant focal points in this project was to safeguard data. Therefore, we designed a data analytics platform based on Amazon Web Services from the ground up.

Throughout all process phases, developments are based on architectural best practices, code-defined infrastructure, and automated delivery pipelines.


The new architecture allows the department of Education’s team to operate in a state-of-the-art, automated, cost-effective, and reliable environment that follows best practices and uses the latest and most productive technologies.

They need to spend less time on ordinary management tasks and address the government’s rapidly changing business demands.

The internal data engineering team was self-reliant upon project delivery and could adapt the end-to-end pipelines without expert intervention.

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