Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner

Tropos’ capabilities with AWS QuickSight and the AWS platform offers our clients the power, flexibility and scalability of AWS with an industry specific, pay-per-session pricing model.

With many years of experience in enterprise and self-service analytics, we can ensure tight integration of new AWS QuickSight functionality into your existing operational processes.

Why consider AWS Quicksight?

Tropos believes that AWS QuickSight provides groundbreaking features that outpace others in this area. 

First and foremost is the advantage of being on the AWS platform. Many organizations are going or have gone the AWS route and have recognized the benefits already. 

AWS QuickSight allows a seamless integration with other toolsets on the AWS platform, as well as limitless and immediate scalability.

How we can help


Plan, assess, architect and evaluate Quicksight in a current or future ecosystem.


Build and evolve standalone and embedded dashboards and visuals.


Migrate existing content into QuickSight, and re-envision existing analytics into the QuickSight toolset

Featured Case Studies

An app builder is now able to understand their users thanks to embedded data analytics.

Continuously improve an app through user analytics.


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