Information Security Management

With our streamlined process, we enable you to implement robust data access controls and scaleable entitlement processes in Snowflake effortlessly. Through our standardized approach, your organization gains the ability to customize data access according to an individual’s role and the specific purpose of their data consultation.”

Our approach

As a guideline, we rely on ISO 27001 guidelines, an industry-standard framework for information security management.

Policy Framework

Build and enforce a policy framework based on your organizations regulatory framework and requirements.

Grant process

Implement a scaleable process to assign and revoke access to privileged data

Technology alignment

Seamless integration of client technology makes sure that privileged access is enforced across the ecosystem

An offering tailored to your organizations' needs

We built an approach to privileged data access based on the needs of different organizations. Processes, roles and technology are adapted to common characteristics and will be fine-tuned to your organization.

Delivery comes as a fixed scope with opportunties to tailor based on your organizations’ specific operational and regulatory needs.

Small and medium businesses

An end-to-end approach to define, deploy and enforce data access controls that will help achieve GDPR and ISO 27001:XX compliance.


A focused approach in which we lean on existing policies where we zoom in on building scaleable and decentralized access processes.

embedded in the Snowflake ecosystem

Our automation solutions are designed to adapt seamlessly to your budget and scalability requirements while maintaining a steadfast commitment to auditability.

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