Accellerate your dbt adoption

End-to-end governance for dbt

As a data leader, transitioning to a code-first, cloud-first model for your team comes with several challenges.

Governing the development and change management of your critical transformation processes shouldn’t be one of those.  

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Focused dBT engineering

We are Europe’s only dbt premier partner, focused on scaling data platforms since 2017.

Package contents

Deploy the technology

We seamlessly link your new dbt cloud platform to your data platform and hand over

Train The Team

Get access to our on-demand library of instructional videos.

Co-Create piplines

Work with our engineer to build those first pipelines and use our default release management process to govern change

Trusted by industry leaders

Kickstarter Packages tailored to your teams needs

Control risk in the early project phases by using our fixed-price, fixed-scope statements of work. They are based on the typically journey a team goes through when onboarding on the dbt technology. 


Quick Setup for dbt Cloud
$ 3,000
One Time
  • Setup of dbt Cloud enterprise platform
  • Project repository template
  • Basic, on-demand training


Co-create your first pipelines
$ 5,000
One Time
  • Includes everything from Bronze
  • 3 x 1,5 hour dbt pipelines co-creation workshops


Get started as a team
$ 10,000
One Time
  • Includes everything from Silver
  • Essential dbt packages workshop
  • Basic CI process, branching strategy, and release process

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the kickstarters delivered?

In order to accommodate the current climate and ensure the health and safety of our valued participants, we have made the decision to deliver all workshops remotely. Utilizing the latest technology and virtual platforms, our team of experienced trainers and facilitators are able to deliver impactful and innovative workshops to remote audiences, no matter their location.

What are my procurement options?

Hire us either through your organisations default procurement process or through the convenience of your current MSA with Amazon Web Services to make our services part of your AWS bill.

Do you offer more dbt services?

Short answer: YES! Please get in touch on how we can help you achieve your goals using dbt.
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