Demystifying Snowflake’s cost model

Learn how to accurately attribute your cloud resource spend to data products people build and use. Featuring Matthew Shields (Snowflake) and Joris Van den Borre (Tropos)

Have you looked into understanding Snowflake’s cost model and its impact on your current or new data cloud projects? You are not alone. Our popular blog post on calculating Snowflake costs attracts thousands of unique views per month. 

In this episode of our ongoing series on mastering Snowflake, Joris Van den Borre (Tropos) and Alexander Jaballah (Snowflake) will share capabilities and use-cases from actual projects.

Key topics:

  • How to interpret Snowflake’s cost model;
  • How to maximize value-for-money for different workloads;
  • How to accurately calculate actual cloud spend per project and use case;
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