Revisiting my 6 weeks onboarding training

In just 6 weeks, Jacob had the opportunity to learn and grow through a series of courses designed to equip him with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the data industry.

I am thrilled to have completed the onboarding period for my new role as a Junior Data Engineer at Tropos! In just one month, I had the opportunity to learn and grow through a series of courses designed to equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this exciting field. In this blog post, I’ll share my experience and how this onboarding period has prepared me for success in my role.

Firstly, the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate course was a great introduction to the world’s leading cloud computing platform. It provided me with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of AWS services like computing, storage, and databases. The course also gave me hands-on experience by creating my first AWS account and navigating the AWS console. This has been extremely helpful in understanding how AWS services work, how they can be used to create data pipelines, and ultimately culminating in achieving the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate itself.

Next, the Snowflake Hands-On Essentials course was a game-changer for me. Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform, and this course taught me how to store, retrieve, and analyze large amounts of data. As a Junior Data Engineer, this is a crucial skill, as it enables me to build scalable data pipelines that can process large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. I was able to learn how to use Snowflake to create tables, load data and write SQL queries. This course gave me the practical skills I needed to begin working on real-world projects immediately while providing an excellent foundation to achieve the SnowPro Core Certification soon.

Finally, the dbt Fundamentals course taught me how to use dbt (Data Build Tool), which is a tool for managing the process of transforming data. Throughout the course, I learned how to create reliable and testable data transformations that are easy to maintain. This skill is crucial for a Data Engineer as it allows me to build flexible and adaptable data processes that meet the needs of our clients. I was impressed with the course’s focus on testing and version control, which ensures that the data transformations are always functioning correctly.

To be able to put these fundamental technical skills efficiently into practice, Tropos uses an Agile delivery management methodology. This methodology emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, and rapid iteration. Instead of rigidly following a plan, teams work in short cycles, gathering feedback from customers and adapting their approach accordingly. This iterative approach allows for faster and more efficient development. The framework of this methodology is the final chapter of the onboarding process and prepares you for your first project working in a team!

During my onboarding process at Tropos, I was paired with an experienced data engineer who acted as my buddy. This was an important aspect of my learning experience as I had a dedicated mentor to ask any questions and learn from their expertise. Working closely with my buddy enabled me to gain practical insights into the company’s best data engineering practices and develop a deeper understanding of the work involved. 

One of the things that impressed me the most about the onboarding program at Tropos was its focus on continuous learning and development. Even after completing the three courses, I was encouraged to continue learning and expanding my skills. The company provides access to a wealth of resources. This commitment to learning and development has created a culture of continuous improvement at Tropos, which I find inspiring and motivating.

In conclusion, I highly recommend joining Tropos as a Junior Data Engineer if you are ready to dive deep into the exciting world of data. The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate, Snowflake Hands-On Essentials, and dbt Fundamentals courses are designed to equip new hires with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their role. The program’s structure and approach provide a solid foundation for success, and the team at Tropos is incredibly supportive and welcoming. I feel confident in my ability to contribute to the team and tackle challenging projects thanks to this onboarding experience. I’m excited to continue growing and learning as a data engineer at Tropos!

Jacob Wauters

Jacob Wauters

Data Engineer

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In just 6 weeks, Jacob had the opportunity to learn and grow through a series of courses designed to equip him with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the data industry.

Revisiting my 6 weeks onboarding training

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