Why we became a Datadog partner

Our partnership with the leading cloud monitoring platform helps in maintaining high operational standards for business critical data products.

After being an early adopter of Datadog and reinvestigating their capabilities a few times over the past few years, we are happy to announce that we’ve signed a partnership and reselling agreement with Datadog.

Datadog is the leading cloud monitoring platform, and consolidates logging and monitoring from across the public cloud in analyst-friendly dashboards. They’re a leader focused on infrastructure, application performance and security.

This might come over as an atypical move for a data analytics company. Yet the logical next step for us to take. Here’s why.

From building to running Projects

Over the past few years we have supported our clients in navigating through innovative data ecosystems. We delivered proof-of-concepts, roadmaps, business cases and pilots that have sparked many innovative projects.

Quite a few of those have seen the spotlights, nationally and internationally. Some of them have turned into mission critical data products that help companies and society make better decisions in difficult circumstances, such as a pandemic or sudden shift in buyer preferences.

The growth and scale of these projects has given us the opportunity to extend the scale of our offering to managed services. After all, the team that envisioned, designed and built these data products, is well placed to ensure end-users reap the full benefits from it after delivery.

Embracing the diversity of cloud

Whilst creating these data products, our mission remained the same: to support business demand by delivering world class technology implementions.

As such, we don’t limit ourselves to just crunching the numbers but take it on us to transform on-premises teams to cloud-first teams. We take care of building the cloud datacenter, configure data pipelines and deliver scaleable, robust and intuitive user experiences.

This impacts the role of our engineers. Nowadays, our full team is acquainted with cloud-first design principles such as the Well Architected Framework, that stretch far beyond the user experience.

Pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework | VOLANSYS

Staying focused in such a broad mission means relying on a diverse ecosystem of technology partners to make sure we’ve got end-to-end-responsibilities covered.

This is where datadog comes in

A solutions architecture is only as good as its reliability on longer term. Keeping track of all of these performance dimensions that make up a reliable business user experience is a core responsibility for any of our delivery teams. Typical items to track include:

  • integrate log messages from across the ecosystem
  • Highlight anomalies in application performance, operations and security
  • Alert business teams for service interruptions or data quality

We decided that maintaining and operating technology to do so, is not directly contributing to our mission. Hence, we decided to rely on a stable technology partner with a proven track record in that domain. A partner who is able to offer these critical capabilities for running cloud platforms as a service. By delivering these capabilities whilst maintaining a strong and relevant roadmap, we believe that Datadog is a great choice for current and future projects.

The outcomes

By running Datadog in production environments on several clients projects by now, we have been able to meet business demand for timely insights in their brand new cloud dataplatforms. We have been able to delegate the responsibility to act on several anomaly families to the right company departments whilst keeping everyone aligned.

As a Datadog partner, we are happy to support you on your journey to operating mission critical data products for large audiences.

Picture of Joris Van den Borre

Joris Van den Borre

Founder, CEO and solutions architect

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