COVID-19: Our Action Plan for Unknown Times.

The COVID-19 outbreak hit the operations of our clients, partners and ourselves. As we are designed to be a location independent company, we have our action plan ready.

Given the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus worldwide, we have decided to minimize the risk on our colleagues and clients by working remotely until the situation clears up.

However, we don’t expect this to have material – if any – impact on the strategies and data products we deliver on a day-to-day base..

Here’s a short summary of our strategy for the time to come.


From day one of, we have been set up as a location independent company. This reflects in each and every technology choice we make

  • The cloud we work with and how we architect it
  • The productivity tools we use to communicate and deliver
  • The way we set up networking and connectivity to connect with each others across borders and time zones

The fact that we are cloud-first shows its tremendous value here – again. Neither our client work nor our internal work requires any adaption at all to continue the work we left off last night. The safety and compliance of how we do that work has not been impacted neither, as all of our processes are set up for working with classified data, anywhere in the world.

Remote work

To make sure we can shield our colleagues from risk as much as possible, we have decided to work remotely. I.e. working from home or if need be – from our office in Antwerp.

Transitioning from working as a team on-site to working as a team from home has successfully been tested before, yet in case of a full lockdown we will have to adapt to a changing environment. This flexibility has been in the DNA of our team as of day one and we are convinced our resilience will prove this time again.


Open and clear communication is key to anything we do. Rather than passing by and shaking hands every morning, we switch over to the next-best digital alternative: our Slack channels. They will remain the medium to communicatie cross project, cross team and we expect their use to intensify even more.

Next to the asynchronous messaging on Slack, we are avid Zoom users by nature. Over the past months, it has been our platform of choice for remote check-in’s and stand-up‘s.

Culturally, we recognize psychological safety as a core value so we expect the continued shift to collaboration platforms to be a journey that will teach us to be even more flexible in challenging times.

Client first.

Planned work will not be affected by working remotely. Our agenda’s are set and clear, and we continue to work with clients and partners to meet and exceed expectations on agreed deliverables.

Given the work we do with international parters, solving complex problems over long distance is a habit we’re trained for.

Meetings, get-togethers and professional events.

For the coming time, we decide to cancel non-critical meetings and all professional events, international business travel and get-togethers.

Picture of Joris Van den Borre

Joris Van den Borre

Founder, CEO and solutions architect

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