Joining the Amazon Quicksight Service Delivery Program

AWS recognizes us as an expert at using cloud-native components to run data analytics.

Today, we are proud to annouce Amazon Web Services has elected us to be part of their Quicksight delivery program.

Delivery programs are specialty recognitions for AWS partners whom excel at deploying AWS technology for specific use cases, or as AWS states:

Amazon QuickSight Delivery Partners are APN Consulting Partners who maximize your data by curating rich, interactive experiences in Amazon QuickSight to identify trends, outliers, and key business drivers.

Amazon QuickSight Delivery Partners can help you to securely connect your data in VPCs and on-premises, set up federated authentication/SSO and AD integration, build interactive dashboards, and embed analytics into your applications with the QuickSight SDK and APIs.

We use AWS Quicksight as a data analytics dashboarding technology that offers flexible pricing aligned with flexible capabilities.

Being part of the service delivery program means we have been formally audited for our proficiency to design, build and operate cloud-scale data analytics platforms on the technology.

We have been deploying AWS Quicksight in diverse scenario’s lately, such as:

  • Enabling large teams of business analysts during the COVID crisis
  • Building embedded dashboards in existing applications
  • As a “self-service” dashboard to use with sensitive data combined with self-service data preparation tools

Get in touch if you want to learn more about using Quicksight as a component in an end-to-end data analytics stream.

Picture of Joris Van den Borre

Joris Van den Borre

Founder, CEO and solutions architect

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