In episode 5, Koen Van Duyse ( discusses data observability at scale with Joris Van den Borre (

S01E05 Data Observability with Soda

In episode 4, Hope Watson (dbt Labs) and Joris Van den Borre ( discuss governing data transformations in a modular, cloud-first data platform.

S01E04 Governing Data Transformation in Snowflake (with dbt)

In Episode 3, Tony Kelly ( talks about data ingestion turning into a commodity, and thus reshaping the job of a data engineer for the better.

S01E03 Data ingestion in Snowflake (with Fivetran)

In episode 2, Bart Koek (Immuta) and Joris Van den Borre ( discuss processes, build-vs-buy, and the added value of using technology to overlay access control across different data platform technologies.

S01E02 Data Access Control on Snowflake (with Immuta)

In this episode, Roderick Brouwer ( explains how we can simplify threat alert collection and integration and eventually response, based on the Snowflake data cloud.

S01E01 Cybersecurity on Snowflake (with Hunters)

In this webinar on Amazon Quicksight, Joris Van den Borre and Manuel Delgado shared capabilities and use-cases from actual business intelligence projects using Amazon Quicksight.

Seamlessly access data at scale using Amazon Quicksight

Hoe we overheden helpen om meer data-gedreven te worden dankzij de Publieke Cloud

Learn how to accurately attribute your cloud resource spend to data products people build and use. Featuring Matthew Shields (Snowflake) and Joris Van den Borre (Tropos)

Demystifying Snowflake’s cost model

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