Exclusive! We Are Excited To Be A Dbt Premier Partner in 2023

If you’re working in a hands-on data role using Snowflake, Databricks, or Bigquery, chances are you’ve encountered dbt as a companion technology. 🎉 On April 3rd, 2023, dbt Labs announced that Tropos.io became one of the 5 premier partners worldwide.
When deciding to join a company there are a lot of factors you can base your decision on, some more quantifiable than others. Comparing compensation packages is pretty easy, but - according to my experience - not the only thing you have to take into account. 

Why I joined a smaller data company

We built a data model to process large sets of data using SQL and the Snowflake service; and put its performance to a test. In just a few hours.

We analyzed 2 Billion Taxi Rides In Snowflake in just a few hours

In just 6 weeks, Jacob had the opportunity to learn and grow through a series of courses designed to equip him with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the data industry.

Revisiting my 6 weeks onboarding training

We used Python and Facebook Prophet to forecast demand for caretakers. All native in Snowflake!

Time-series forecasting with Python for Snowpark and dbt Labs

The how-to guide to interpreting Snowflake's usage-based pricing model.

Calculate your Snowflake monthly cost now using this expert method

Snowflake has a great - but underused - command line tool to automate operations.

Automating Snowflake deployment using SnowSQL

Snowflake's website shows a matrix of editions, pricing models and clouds . How do I pick what's right for me?

Snowflake Edition Guide

Snowflake recently introduced support for unstructured data. Here's how we used this highly requested feature for the first time.

Processing unstructured data in Snowflake

Curious on how to do machine learning in Databricks? Selin explains how to predict taxi fares using historical data.

Creating a regression model in Databricks

Job automation is key to efficient data engineering. Here are a few tips to use Snowflake features to built user acceptance test environments.

DataOps basics for Snowflake — part 1

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