We built a data model to process large sets of data using SQL and the Snowflake service; and put its performance to a test. In just a few hours.

We analyzed 2 Billion Taxi Rides In Snowflake in just a few hours

Our partnership with the leading cloud monitoring platform helps in maintaining high operational standards for business critical data products.

Why we became a Datadog partner

At some point in time, product owners may want to have insight in how spend is accumulated. Snowflake has a default report for that.

Getting a grip on Snowflake costs over time

The COVID-19 outbreak hit the operations of our clients, partners and ourselves. As we are designed to be a location independent company, we have our action plan ready.

COVID-19: Our Action Plan for Unknown Times.

Amazon announced a heap of new AWS features that will likely impact the way we design and operate machine learning pipelines. These are our 5 key takeaways.

Key Machine Learning annoucements at AWS re:Invent ’17

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